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Italian citizenship for foreigners

Q: 730 days have passed since the submission of the citizenship application and do you need to submit a reminder?
A: To obtain citizenship you can undertake a reminder procedure by contacting our law firm to reduce waiting times.

Q: What are the deadlines for obtaining citizenship?
A: For applications submitted starting from 20 December 2020, the maximum duration of the procedure for granting Italian citizenship is 24 months, which can be extended up to a maximum of 36.
For more information ask for a consultation.

Q: What does it mean that your citizenship application has been accepted with reserve?
A: The Ministry of the Interior can accept the application for citizenship, however giving you a deadline to re-attach some documents that, for example, the Ministry believes have not been properly legalized or scanned.
You can contact Avvocati per Stranieri to request advice and avoid errors and, consequently, delays.

Q: Do you want to know what happens if you proceed with the separation from your spouse before obtaining citizenship?
A: If the separation occurs after obtaining citizenship you will not risk losing it. Conversely, if it happens earlier, your citizenship application will be canceled.
I want to apply for Italian citizenship and know what are all the requirements to get it

Request for a residence permit

Q: Is your residence permit blocked or lost?
A: It is possible to submit an application for access to the documents through the Avvocati per Stranieri service in order to understand the reasons for the delay or to request a duplicate permit if lost.
For more information, request a consultation online or in the studio.

Q: What are the documents required to apply for a residence permit?
A: Given that there are different types of residence permits, here are the documents that absolutely must not be missing:
Photocopy of passport or other equivalent document; – Photocopy of accommodation document (rental contract, deed of ownership, declaration of hospitality, self-certification for students staying at the university residence); – Photocopy of income document (latest CUD, INPS bulletins for domestic workers, accounting situation / income statement for self-employed workers, etc.).
However, for added security, contact our specialized lawyers so that you are sure of the necessary documents.

Q: They refused the renewal of your residence permit and you need a lawyer?
A: You can appeal to the competent Court by contacting our law firm which will take care of all the aspects necessary to assert your reasons.
Request a consultation online or in our law firm.

Q: What must be done to convert the residence permit?
A: In the cases and in the manner prescribed by law, it is possible to convert the residence permit, that is to change the reasons underlying its issue, for example from a permit for study purposes to a permit for subordinate or self-employed work.
Would you like more information about your residence permit? get in touch with our team of specialist

Family reunification

Q: For which relatives can family reunification be requested?
A: Foreigners residing in Italy who hold a valid residence card or residence permit with a duration of not less than one year can apply for reunification to obtain a permit to enter the following family members:
spouse (or partner civilly united) – not legally separated – not under the age of 18; – minor children; – dependent adult children with total disability; – dependent parents who have no other children in their country of origin or provenance, or in the case of parents over 65, if the other children are unable to support them for serious and documented health reasons; – natural parent, if the applicant is a minor and legally residing in Italy with the other parent.
If you need help to apply for reunification with your family, rely on Avvocati per Stranieri.

Q: For what reasons the application for reunification is rejected?
A: The application for reunification can be rejected, for example, if the income requirement is not met, i.e. if the income is lower than the annual amount of the social allowance, or if the availability of accommodation complying with the health and hygiene requirements is not demonstrated.

Q: What can be done in case of denial of the application for family reunification?
A: It is possible to appeal to the Court, with the support of our lawyers, who will take care of all aspects in order to challenge the decision deemed unjust.
Request an online consultation quickly and easily.

Q: What are the deadlines for requesting the authorization for family reunification?
A: Art. 29, paragraph 8, of the Immigration Consolidation Act, provides that the deadline for the release of the permit for family reunification by the Prefecture must be a maximum of 90 days from the request.
In case of delay you can contact our law firm to request the practice.
Do you want to apply for family reunification? ask here for a legal advice

Foreign workers law

Q: Your employer is not paying you regularly and you want to understand how you can go about getting what you are entitled to?
A: You can contact our lawyers experienced in Foreign Workers’ Law to set up a recovery procedure for your credit to obtain payment.
Click here to request a legal advice.

Q: Do you need a lawyer to recover your paychecks?
A: We will be able to file an appeal for an injunction and quickly obtain an enforceable title to proceed with the forced recovery of the credit.
If you need further information, we recommend that you contact our lawyers.

Q: Have you been accused by the boss of negligence in the tasks to be performed and you want to understand how to defend yourself?
A: You will be able to present your counter arguments within the time allowed to defend yourself and, in the event of a sanction, you will be able to challenge the provision to assert your reasons, even before the Labor Court.
Do you want to request a consultation with specialized lawyers? Contact us now.

Q: Have you been fired due to presumed organizational reasons / just cause without having received prior notice, or do you consider the dismissal unfair?
A: You can challenge the dismissal and contact the Labor Court to have the provision imposed against you annulled.

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Residence permit Attorney

PEOPLE who need a residence permit

With the support of our lawyers you can speed up or unlock the paperwork to obtain a residence permit and appeal against the decision to revoke the permit.

PEOPLE who are seeking citizenship

Our lawyers will be ready to assist you to solicit or unblock your citizenship request and appeal to the judge if necessary.

Lawyer for Italian citizenship
Family reunification Lawyer

PEOPLE who want to be reunited with their family

Our lawyers are on the front line to help you get the family reunification and to support you in case of denial of the application to allow you to soon embrace your loved ones.

PEOPLE who are foreign workers

If: you have been injured at work, your employer does not pay you regularly, you have been unjustly fired or you are a victim of bullying, you can count on our support. We’ll help you assert your rights.

Lawyer for foreign workers' rights
Criminal law for foreigners

PEOPLE who have problems with justice

If you have committed crimes such as: falsification of the residence permit, aiding and abetting illegal residence and other crimes violating the TUI (Consolidated Immigration Act) you can contact us. Together we will find a solution.


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